Fall is here and that means the never ending raking of leaves or does it? Did you know that it may be better for your lawn not to rake the leaves? Research shows that mowing leaves into your lawn can actually improve your yard.

A recent study done at Michigan State University shows that you don’t have spend countless hours raking, blowing, and bagging leaves. Instead, just mulch the leaves into your lawn with your mower.  Mulching leaves will improve your soil by adding nutrients.

Here is what to do:

  • Remove the grass catcher from your mower and mow over the leaves on your lawn.
  • Mow until the leaf clutter is reduced to dime-size pieces. You should be able to mulch up to 18 inches of leaf clutter with several passes of your mower.
  • Apply a fall fertilizer to the lawn it will help the leaves breakdown quicker.

In the spring the leaves will have disappeared and your lawn will be greener and thicker than ever.

classic wood modern closetCloset space is one thing that you never seem to have enough of. Especially is you live in a smaller or older home.

If your belongings are spilling out everywhere, then you most likely need a closet makeover. Some planning and a few changes will net you some prime storage real estate and help you finally get organized.

Think vertically

Stand in your closet and look up. If you see empty space, you have an opportunity to take advantage of it with hanging racks, pegs or hooks.

Use adjustable shelving

Why use a tall shelf when a shorter one will do just fine? When you have shelves that you can customize, you might be able to salvage enough wall space for a whole new shelf.

Separate the seasons

If you live in an area that experiences cold winters, you may be able to split your wardrobe and store items in another location when you’re not using them.

Declutter and purge

If you don’t have enough room, something may have to go. Just think of it this way, if you haven’t used that bowling ball, pair of mittens or electric blanket in a while, it may be time to share the bounty by donating to Goodwill or your local shelter. Someone will benefit from your generosity, and you can console yourself with the tax write-off.

Go with baskets

Wicker baskets are an inspired storage solution that will corral your small items and organize your larger ones. They’ll streamline your shelves and liberate your floor space, too. If you don’t remember the color of the carpet in your closet and your shelves are prone to occasional accessory avalanches, baskets will save the day.


You knew this part was inevitable: having to pull everything out, sort it into piles and put stuff into some logical order. Organization will help you maximize a small closet by encouraging you to keep like items together.

Shoe Storage

Over the door, on the floor, on hangers or under the bed, shoe racks can be lifesavers. Properly stored shoes will look better longer and you won’t be wasting time with one shoe in your hand and the other, well, who knows where.

Specialized hangers

When you use creative hanger solutions, like tiered hangers that let you stack clothes conveniently, you can sometimes double or even triple your useful space.

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